Lawrence Bishop II - TWO SHADES OF BLUE

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Two Shades of Blue is a fresh jaunt from the beaten path of traditional, Christian rock 'n' roll. From personal testimonies that encourage a stance of faith to rallying anthems that challenge a stance of courage, on Two Shades of Blue Lawrence kicks you with his "own kind of shoes" to a place in God you'll wanna go!

This project is full of surprises, swinging from soul to soul. Long-time friends Scotty Bratcher, Johnny Cox, Meagan Wonderly, Pam Staples Tony Mullins, and Andy Ballou pitch in to make this one a show-stopper! Get your copy before their gone (he's already sold under a million copies)!

Two Shades of Blue--you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scratch your head, you'll sigh . . . but you won't be disappointed! This one is for the true rocker in you!