Lawrence Bishop II - Live at the Ark

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Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and perhaps most commonly referred to as a Comedian by friends, Lawrence Bishop II has taken Southern Rock Blues to a whole new level with his most recent release of the live, self titled “Lawrence Bishop II and the Livestock Band” dual disc CD.

Taking the best of soulful blues and edgy rock, LBII has managed to artfully weave hypnotic lyrics with genius musicianship to create a feel all his own.

With such songs as “Don’t Give Up On Me,” “Got One Thing Right,” and “Came to Pass” this CD delivers an exciting listening experience that puts its listener front and center in concert.

Unlike the commonly heard, over-produced, studio synthesized sound of many modern day musicians, this CD has captured the perfect balance between catchy licks and a strong bass line, while maintaining the pure sound of LBII’s “Stevie Ray Vaughn and Van-Zant -like” vocals. In keeping with originality, LBII does not simply stop at the music on Disc B but has interwoven the stories behind the music on the 7 studio bonus tracks in such a way that keeps the listener hanging on every word, not wanting to miss a single beat.

And if you think listening to these guys is entertaining, catch the whole show live in concert on DVD. You are sure to be hypnotized by the theatrics of insanely skilled drummer, Aaron Mumma, who manages to make twirling and throwing drumsticks appear to be a walk in the park. You will be mesmerized by the rifts laid down by 19 year old Scotty Bratcher, the rhythm of 20 year old Jeff Wright, the quick finger action of LBII, and the overall musical talent of Billy Price.

“Lawrence Bishop II and the Livestock Band – Live at the Ark” CD and DVD are sure to have you imprisoned from beginning to end but will leave you freer than you have ever been. So, cut loose, kick back and enjoy!