Lawrence Bishop II - Clear

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This is our newest cd 'Clear'. Lawrence said he thinks it's the best mixed cd he's had yet. The cd starts with "Jesus and John Wayne", a song that definitely won't be a favorite of the liberals.

If you are a biker you have to check out the song Harley's in Heaven (track 2) written by LB2 and new guitarist Steve Hurley. Steve and Billy Price do a twin lead solo that will make every southern rocker proud. When you add Deron Brown to the mix you've got three guitars blazin'. Our drummer Aaron Mumma got to play on most of the tracks but not all since he lives in Kansas City, but the other drummers on it were amazing as well.

For those of you that like to slow it down, we've got three ballads that are so beautiful they would even make the Devil cry! ha! The few people that have heard it, say to this point it's by far our best. Hope you enjoy it!